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This is a summary list of data from the Marriage License Database.

Name Spouse Name Marriage Date Application Date/Year License Number
Brandon, Oliva Sheila, Renee 8/30/2008 2008 200802392
Brandon, Otto Laura, Jean 12/20/2008 2008 200803698

From the State of Nebraska Marriage License Listing:

Name Spouse Name Marriage Date Application Date/Year License Number
Brewer, Orlando Williams, Mickey 8/18/2007 2007 200702617

From the Marriage License Archives:

Name Spouse Name Marriage Date Application Date/Year License Number
Bradley, Olivia Rushing, Maverick 4/25/1981 4033341
Brenaman, Orval Nelson, Shirley 2/7/1948 108871
Briggs, Olen Dejong, Kathleen 8/19/2000 002226
Brito Roman, Oliverio Contreras, Dana 11/22/2000 003858
Brito Roman, Oliverio Contreras, Dana 9/24/2005 052868
Brooks, Olin Jones, Neva 4/28/1951 1018349
Brooks, Olin Curtiss, Norma 9/19/1970 3024748
Brooks, Olin Brooks, Norma 12/16/1974 4011860
Broom, Oliver Harrington, Jill 7/12/1997 972094
Browder Jr, Othello Mopin, Wendy 5/23/1970 3022815
Brown, Ormajo Renner, Raymond 10/9/1954 202615
Brown, Oscar Boecker, Jane 8/18/1976 4017527
Brown, Ozella Frazier, Aaron 4/7/1979 4026096
Brown Jr, Otis Kirkendoll, Magalene 3/17/1948 109100
Dahlberg, Gunnar Brown, Opal 1/1/1942 94713
Fulton, Debora Bruce, Oscar 2/26/1983 4040006
Hargens, Dewey Brockmann, Opal 12/4/1941 94667
Ketter, Dean Brown, Orville 11/30/1943 100622
Osborne, Henry Brown, Olivia 10/15/1941 94225
Walte, Sharon Brady, Orie 1/29/1971 326053
Walte, Sharon Brady, Orie 1/29/1971 3026053



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Not all marriage licenses issued by the Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller’s office are available on-line.  If you are not able to find your license, you can call us at 402-444-6080, or email us at marriage@douglascounty-ne.gov, and we will check to make sure your license is on file in our office.


Only marriage licenses between 1988 to present are online.


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If you have questions or problems, or your marriage date is not correct, please email us at marriage@douglascounty-ne.gov. Be sure to include the name of the applicant and date of marriage for all correspondences.


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