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Auditing and accounting for disbursement of all County funds

The Douglas County Clerk also serves as Comptroller and follows additional laws that apply only to Nebraska counties in which a city of the metropolitan class is located.

The Clerk/Comptroller is responsible for auditing all claims that are presented for payment against any Douglas County fund. For the 2019 fiscal year (July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019), the County paid over $172.1 million in claims.

Our auditing staff reviews each claim to ensure compliance with applicable laws and generally accepted auditing and accounting principles, and to make sure that all the required documentation is attached. Once the auditor is satisfied the claim is appropriate and proper, it is presented to the Douglas County Board of Commissioners for approval and a check is issued.

Unless the information on the claim is specifically designated by law as confidential and therefore not available to the public, all information regarding expenditure of County funds is public record. Examples of exceptions would include employees' Social Security numbers and names of grand jurors. The public is welcome to research payment information, and the Clerk/Comptroller staff is available to assist.

The Clerk/Comptroller also keeps all of the accounting records, both expenditures, and revenues, for Douglas County. This includes tax revenues, grant revenues, and fee revenues. Many records are available online, but information is also available for access by the public upon request.

Grants Policies and Procedures Manual

County financial reports including CAFR's 

Calendar Year Supplier Payments 

Weekly Supplier Checks

These PDF documents outline the Clerk/Comptroller requirements for submitting a claim for payment.