Payment can be made with a credit card through the state’s eGovernment service provider,  If you pay with a credit card, the electronic payment processor will charge a 2.5% fee on your total transaction. 


Marriage license application   


Certified copy of marriage license 

$9.00 each

Non-certified copy of marriage license

$.25 each

Certified copy of filing

$1.50 per page

Copies of any record (non-certified)

$.25 per page

Copy of County Board Meeting – CD/DVD

$10.00 each

IDA bond termination


Liquor License Fees determined by the Nebraska Legislature

More information

Locksmith license


Miscellaneous filing

$5.00 per page

Power of attorney

$5.00 per page

Tobacco License






Fee schedule pursuant to Sec. 33-148 R.R.S.


For more information about filing fees and filing procedures, please call 402-444-6744.