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2019 Douglas County Expense Dashboard

Click the above link for a searchable database that allows you to see how Douglas County spent its non-salary money during the calendar year 2019. You can use the Expense Dashboard to search expenses by supplier (vendor) name, account description, organization description, payment amount, and other ways.

Towards the upper right corner of the Expense, Dashboard webpage is a Help button. When you click on this button, you will find directions on “How to use this report,” as well as take a tour when you “View welcome message.”

Please note, payroll expenses are NOT included in the Expense Dashboard. Also, a few expense accounts have been excluded due to confidentiality reasons.

If you have any feedback on how to make the Expense Dashboard more user-friendly or have any questions regarding the Expense Dashboard, please contact countyclerk@douglascounty-ne.gov.

The Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller’s office would like to thank the Douglas Omaha Technology Commission for their assistance in creating the Expense Dashboard. The Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller’s office would also like to thank the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, especially Commissioner Marc Kraft, for their support and encouragement of the Expense Dashboard’s implementation.

2019 Calendar Year Supplier Payments

2018 Calendar Year Supplier Payments 

2017 Calendar Year Supplier Payments 

2016 Calendar Year Supplier Payments

2015 Calendar Year Supplier Payments

The above links are lists of vendors and the total amount they were paid during the corresponding year. Detailed information on each payment received by the vendor during the corresponding year can be requested by sending an e-mail to countyclerk@douglascounty-ne.gov.