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County Clerk Tom Cavanaugh Offers to Cut Budget

Douglas County Clerk Tom Cavanaugh is submitting a 2014/15 budget request of $1,620,499 to the County Board of Commissioners, which is $27,000 below what the Commissioners targeted for the County Clerk’s budget for the coming year, and $21,423 less than what the Clerk spent in 2012.


Cavanaugh said, “All of the Clerk’s efficient staff are working hard at once again cutting the cost of this office on behalf of our citizens.  We will continue to meet the challenge of becoming more efficient in providing quality services to the public.”

Streamlining services and increased use of technology has helped lower the Clerk’s office’s operational costs while improving public access to financial reports and marriage license information on the Clerk’s website: www.douglascountyclerk.org.

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