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New Information: The NLCC no longer grants a one-time waiver for SDL's received in their office after the required ten day processing time. PLEASE reference the NLCC calendar and the County Board meeting schedule when planning your application process.

The fee for a Special Designated Liquor License is $40.00 per application payable to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. The fee must accompany the application when it is submitted to the County Clerk/Comptroller’s office. Special Designated Liquor Licenses are limited to six days per year per applicant. Applicants that hold a Class K (Catering) license are not required to pay the fee.

You can download the application here for a Retail or Non-Profit Special Designated Liquor License. 

You must submit two copies of the application and the fee to:
Douglas County Clerk/Comptroller
1819 Farnam, Room H08
Omaha, NE 68183

NOTE: The Douglas County Sheriff will be notified of the issuance of all Special Designated Liquor Licenses in Douglas County.

There are no publication requirements for a Special Designated Liquor License but it does require County Board approval. Once the Clerk’s office receives the application, it will be submitted to the County Board for approval on their Tuesday agenda. The application must be received by 8:30 a.m. on the Monday before the Board meeting to get on the Tuesday agenda.

The County Board will review the application at their meeting and make a recommendation for approval or denial. After the meeting, their recommendation and the application materials are forwarded to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

The final application is sent back to the County Clerk’s office. We will contact you when the license comes in. It can be picked up at our office or will be sent to you certified mail.

Effective August 1, 2000, the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission will not accept special designated license applications received less than 10 working days (excluding holidays) prior to the date of the event. It is mandatory that a person get their application to the County Clerk/Comptroller’s office at least 45 working days prior to the date of the event. This gives the event a safety margin should there be any problems during the process of the application.

In addition, the County Board has certain dates that it does not meet.

If you have any questions regarding the Special Designated Liquor Application process, please call 402-444-6764. Or contact:

Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
Licensing Division
PO Box 95-46
Lincoln, NE 68509-5046
Phone (402) 471-2571
Fax (402 471-2814

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